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Your Comfort zone is about to be tested by Mother Nature. We fed her pollution and garbage for years and now she is sick spitting up some serious pain and suffering.

Sitting around and wishing things will change is not going to work. We need every single person to pay attention and make serious efforts and sacrifices. This journey to combat climate change and spare the inhabitants of this planet some unbelievable consequences from a century of bad choices. IS NOW

Raise A Voice
Our Planet

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Etreme Green Team

Climate change is obvious.
Tornados, Rain BOmbs, draught, wild fires, water shortages, treacherous storms and the list goes on. Join us in the fight for our lives. Doing nothing is not a option. 

Extreme Green Team

With climate change, starring us in the face over and over, you would think that we are getting the message. How many times does Mother Earth need to spit in your face before you realize there is a problem. A very big problem. Be part of the solution. Join us 


We are a group of concerned citizens of Planet Earth. Join us for the Greatest Race on Earth.

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